Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Assays

Fragment screening is a relatively recent idea and has been a popular complementary method to high-throughput screening for drug discovery. With the approval of Vemurafenib and Venetoclax, both derived from fragment screening, fragment-based drug discovery is certainly becoming more appealing to the pharmaceutical industry. There are many choices of assay technologies for fragment screening in fragment-based drug discovery. Biortus has acquired SPR (Biacore S200) technology as our initial venture in offering fragment screening services for clients. This medium-throughput screening technology allows sensitive detection of weakly binding fragments and provides the rate constant of binding (Kon and Koff). With our highly experienced assay development scientists and in-house fragment library consisting of around 3500 rule-of-3 compliant fragments, Biortus is ever ready to help you start your fragment-based drug discovery program.