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Homo sapiens

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E. coli

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Symbol/Gene Name:  KDM2A

Alias:  Lysine-specific demethylase 2A,CXXC-type zinc finger protein 8,F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 11,F-box protein FBL7,F-box protein Lilina,F-box/LRR-repeat protein 11,JmjC domain-containing histone demethylation protein 1A,[Histone-H3]-lysine-36 demethylase 1A

Uniprot: Q9Y2K7

Background: Histone demethylase that specifically demethylates 'Lys-36' of histone H3, thereby playing a central role in histone code. Preferentially demethylates dimethylated H3 'Lys-36' residue while it has weak or no activity for mono- and tri-methylated H3 'Lys-36'. May also recognize and bind to some phosphorylated proteins and promote their ubiquitination and degradation. Required to maintain the heterochromatic state. Associates with centromeres and represses transcription of small non-coding RNAs that are encoded by the clusters of satellite repeats at the centromere. Required to sustain centromeric integrity and genomic stability, particularly during mitosis. Regulates circadian gene expression by repressing the transcriptional activator activity of CLOCK-ARNTL/BMAL1 heterodimer and RORA in a catalytically-independent manner (PubMed:26037310).

Construct: KDM2A(R567-S681)

Expression Host: E. coli

Purity: 90%

Formulation: 50mM Tris-HCl (pH 7.5), 200mM NaCl, 20% glycerol

Supplied as sterile

Please contact us for any concerns or special requirements.

Please refer to the specific buffer information in the hard copy of CoA.


< 0.01 EU per μg of the protein


Liquid. It is shipped out with blue ice.

Stability & Storage:

Samples are stable for up to twelve months from date of receipt at -20 to -80

Store it under sterile conditions at -20 to -80. It is recommended that the protein be aliquoted for optimal storage. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.