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Company History, Awards and Recognitions

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Our History, Awards and Recognition




● Received an Award of Contribution for Innovative Enterprises from All-China Federation of Returned
   Overseas Chinese




● Reserved High-Tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province

● Jiangsu Model Enterprise for Enrolling Foreign Talents

● Committed to the China National Torch Program

● Established four research departments – In Vitro Pharmacology Structural Biology, Medicinal Chemistry,
   and Industrial Scale Process Development




● Joined the Jiangsu Province Graduate Student Work Placement Scheme




● Received Awards for Private Technological Company and Small to Medium Sized Technology
   Enterprise of Jiangsu Province

● Passed the International Quality Management System Certification ISO9001:2008

● Became a training base for the “Educating Outstanding Engineers” programme

● Formed part of the Innovative Fund for Jiangsu Science and Technology Enterprises

● Participated in the China National 863 Project




● Established four research platforms: Recombinant Protein Production, X-ray Crystallography, In Vitro
    Assays and Screening, and Medicinal Chemistry


● Leaders of Innovative Technology Start-up Enterprises in Wuxi City




● Biortus received a First Phase investment of 50 million RMB from Shuangliang Group Co. Ltd and settled
   in Yangtze River Biomedical Accelerator Park of Jiangyin High-tech Industry Development Zone




● The Top Ten Talent-Attracting Enterprises in Wuxi City




● Biortus was founded