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Biortus is committed to provide the highest quality of service possible for our clients. With our four well-established research platforms (Recombinant Protein Production, In Vitro Assays and Screening, X-ray Crystallography and Cryo-EM and Medicinal Chemistry), we are able to perform most of the essential experiments required in every step of early stage drug discovery. These include CRISPR knock-in/knock-out screening for target discovery/validation and recombinant protein production for target characterisation as well as for structure-based drug design when accompanied with X-ray crystallography and/or Cryo-EM.


Not only we could help our clients to investigate their target of interest in details, we can provide assistance in discovering novel chemical compounds that might be the next blockbuster drug. We have many types of plate readers for our In Vitro assays and screening platform to perform high-throughput screening (spectrometry-based, mobility shift – Caliper, and radiometric). With an in-house Rule-of-3 (Ro3) compliant fragment library (≈ 3500 compounds), Biortus is also able to offer fragment screening (by SPR) service for our clients.


Should an interesting hit is found and when combined with structural data and expertise of our medicinal chemists, Biortus would be the one-stop workshop for an expeditious and fruitful early stage drug discovery project. Please feel free to explore the range of services that we provide, and we very much look forward to a productive win-win collaboration to meet your early stage drug discovery needs.