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Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province 214437
People’s Republic of China

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Our Capabilities

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Major Infrastructures

Biology Department


2400m2 of Office/Laboratory Area

Recombinant Protein Production

HEB Biotechnology (China) SHIPING Rocking Incubator (x10)

Kuhner Mammalian Shaker Incubator (x3)

New Brunswick Innova 44R Shaker Incubator (x3)

New Brunswick Celligen 510 SIP-50L Bioreactor (x2)

AKTA FPLC Systems (x7)

AKTA Avant FPLC System (x3)

Agilent 1260 with 6224 LC/MS (TOF)

Structural Biology

Rigaku FR-E+ SuperBright Rotating Anode Coupled with R-axis IV++ Plate Area and Saturn 944HG CCD Detector

Rigaku CrystalMation™ Coupled with Rigaku MinstrelTM HT for Crystal Incubation and Imaging

Mosquito® LCP

Frequent Access to Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Frequent Access to High-quality Cryo-EM Facilities in China

In Vitro Assays and Screening

Caliper:Twister II Microplate Handler & LabChip EZ Reader II (x2)

Biacore S200 SPR

Perkin Elmer TopCount NXT HTS and Envision 2104

TECAN Infinite F200 Pro and M1000

Perkin Elmer FlexDrop™ Plus, Agilent Bravo Automated Liquid Handler, and Thermo MultiDrop® Combi nL


Chemistry Department


7000m2 of Office/Laboratory Area

Medicinal Chemistry and
Industrial Scale
Process Development

Bruker 400 MHZ NMR

Agilent HPLC 1260 with 6120 LC/MS

Agilent HPLC 1290

100L Jacketed Reactors (x2)

50L Rotary Evaporator

120 Fume Hoods

Walk-in Fume Hoods